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What's the Difference Between a Moisturizer Cream and a Hydrating Cream?

Moisturizing cream covers the surface of the skin to form an oily protective film, which can effectively lock in moisture and nutrients, and block the irritation of the skin by undesirable substances in the external environment. Moisturizing cream continuously replenishes the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrients to keep the skin moisturized. Repair fine lines, activate cell regeneration, enhance skin resistance, deeply activate cells, make nutrients between cells pass through the action of collagen, and overall enhance cell vitality.

Ⅰ. The difference between moisturizing cream and hydrating cream

1. The main reason is that the proportion of oil and water is different. Moisturizing cream and other cream products contain more oil, so they can moisturize and lock water and moisturize, because oil is insoluble in water and can slow down the evaporation of water. The hydrating cream has more water, which is suitable for summer and oily skin, and is relatively refreshing. Hydrating cream is to replenish water, moisturizing cream is to lock water.

2. The texture is different. Hydrating creams are usually lighter and have a refreshing texture, while moisturizing creams are generally richer in texture and have a very significant moisturizing effect.

3. For different skin types. Moisturizing cream is for very dry skin. Hydrating cream has moisturizing type, balancing type, and refreshing type. It is suitable for daily use and neutral, mixed, and oily skin types. Generally, if it is dry, use moisturizing lotion. If it is For very dry skin, use moisturizing cream. It can also be used in winter when it is particularly dry. Night is a good time for skin repair. Using moisturizing lotion can replenish skin moisture.

4. Different seasons of use. Hydrating cream is more suitable for summer and daily use, because there is a large proportion of moisture in the air and the temperature is relatively high, so it is suitable to choose some relatively thinner lotion. Moisturizing cream contains more oily ingredients, and it feels a bit greasy to use, more suitable for autumn and winter and evening use.

Ⅱ. Should moisturizing cream and lotion be used together?

If the skin is not too dry or the bedroom has a certain humidity, you can use the moisturizer after the lotion. During the day, if the skin is dry or the weather is dry, you need to moisturize with a cream after the lotion is used up. It really depends on the specific condition of the skin. There are different creams and creams. Some are suitable for dry skin and some are suitable for oily skin. Generally, the two do not need to be used at the same time. If the skin is relatively dry, use a cream, and if you like oily skin, use a lotion. Depending on the nature of the skin, you can also use lotion during the day and night cream at night.

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