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What's the Difference Between Concealer and BB Cream?

Concealer can be considered a type of foundation. The difference is that the concealer has better coverage than ordinary foundations, and it fits the skin better, making it long-lasting and not easy to remove makeup. Everyone's face has blemishes of one kind or another, and using concealer can make your face look smooth and detailed. There are usually three types of concealer: liquid, cream and stick.

Ⅰ. The difference between concealer and BB cream

Are concealers and BB creams the same thing? In fact, they are still different. In fact, BB cream can also be used as a foundation, with the effect of concealer and sunscreen. It has two forms, one is solid and the other is liquid. Concealers are generally creamy and thicker.

1. The difference in texture between concealer and BB cream: BB cream has solid and liquid. Compared with creamy concealer, BB cream has a lighter texture, while concealer will appear a little thicker.

2. There is a difference between concealer and BB cream: BB cream can be used as a foundation, which can play a role in isolation. Concealer is generally used before liquid foundation, which can cover dark circles and various facial blemishes. So BB cream can simply be considered as a primer, while concealer has a concealing effect, which can make your facial blemishes "invisible". And the concealer's coverage BB cream is stronger.

Finally, the two can be mixed together, so don't worry too much. But the usage is that concealer comes before BB cream.

Ⅱ. The makeup remover of concealer


After applying concealer, it is also necessary to remove makeup. It is recommended to use a cotton pad and makeup remover to wipe it again. Finally, use a facial cleanser to clean the face. First, choose a makeup remover with a good makeup removal effect and apply it directly on the face. Remember to wipe it until the cotton is white and clean. Then add the makeup remover to the cotton pad. Since the cotton pad in the previous step is more oily, it is recommended to wipe it with a cotton pad first, then pour the makeup remover onto a clean cotton pad and gently wipe the face. Finally, use the facial cleanser, after using the makeup remover, it is still recommended that you clean the face with the facial cleanser. The correct usage is to pour the facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, then add water to lather and apply it to the face, start rubbing, and clean the eyes and face.

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