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When to Use Baby Massage Oil? What Should be Noticed?

Infants have delicate skin, and in order to better care for their skin, mothers can choose to use baby massage oil for their children. Massage oil can also promote children's sleep, allowing babies to sleep more soundly and sweetly. But do parents know when to use baby massage oil? Do you know how to use and pay attention to baby massage oil? Only by mastering these things can baby massage oil play an effective role.

When to use baby massage oil?

Baby massage oil can be used when the baby is about one month old. The best time to use it daily is after bathing and before bedtime. Massage time can start from 5 minutes and gradually increase to 15 minutes. The technique is to gently press, push, rub, and pinch with your fingertips. If it is dry winter and spring, it is more suitable to use baby massage oil, while moisturizing lotion is more suitable for hot summer. If the baby's skin is dry and flaky, you can also apply massage oil to moisturize the skin without doing tactile massage.

Precautions for using baby massage oil

Using baby massage oil can have a better effect on tactile massage and also improve the relationship between parents and babies. Mothers should pay attention to the following points when using massage oil for massage.

  • Let the baby rest fully before massage. At the same time, the baby should not be too full or too hungry. It is best to do it half an hour after meal.

  • Pay attention to the indoor temperature, play some gentle and soothing music, talk to the baby during massage, give voice and language stimulation, and observe the baby's developmental status to detect problems with limbs and movements.

  • The hands should be warm, and jewelry should be removed before massage.

  • The massage technique should be light, and gradually increase the strength to make the baby slowly adapt.

  • Do not force the baby to maintain a fixed position.

  • Do not massage the abdomen when the baby's umbilical scab has not fallen off, and wait until it falls off before massage.

  • In tactile massage, you can disrupt the order of the movements or choose several movements to give baby tactile massage.

  • Stop the tactile massage when the baby's emotional response is intense.

The above is the usage and precautions of baby massage oil. Mothers who understand the usage of baby massage oil can choose a suitable one for their babies, which can increase the emotional connection between parents and children while caring for their delicate skin.

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