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Which Is Better for Babies: Massage Oil or Moisturizing Lotion?

A baby's skin is very delicate and has a weak ability to resist harmful environments, making it susceptible to various skin abnormalities. In winter, the climate tends to be dry, so parents should use skincare products that are beneficial to their child's skin health. So, which is better for babies: massage oil or moisturizing lotion?

Should a baby use baby massage oil or moisturizing lotion?

Many parents want to use skincare products on their children, but they are unsure whether to use baby massage oil or moisturizing lotion. Both have the effect of moisturizing the skin, and their biggest difference lies in their ability to lock in water. Massage oil has a stronger ability to lock in the skin's moisture, so its moisturizing effect is better than that of lotion.

When deciding whether to use baby massage oil or lotion for your child, it should be based on the actual situation. Massage oil is suitable to use in particularly dry environments, such as for babies living in the north or children who are frequently in heated or air conditioned rooms. Additionally, parents should note that baby massage oil is for use on the body and should not be used on the face, as it can make the face too oily.

For babies living in the south, the air is more humid, so their skin may not be very dry. As such, after giving them a bath, it is suitable to use moisturizing lotion. Unlike baby massage oil, lotion can be applied to the face. Choosing between massage oil and lotion should be based on the specifics of the baby's situation and environmental factors.

How to choose baby massage oil

Many moms are at a loss when it comes to choosing baby massage oil. There are many varieties available on the market. Here are three criteria to follow when making a purchase: no fragrance, plant-based, and cold-pressed.

Fragrance-free baby massage oil

This kind of massage oil allows the baby to come into contact with and smell their mother, further establishing the mother-child relationship. Scented massage oils, even if they have expired, are indistinguishable from their fresh counterparts. Using expired oils is not beneficial for the baby.

Plant-based baby massage oil

The most commonly seen type on the market is apricot or almond oil, whose absorption rate is the fastest. Plant-based oils have smaller molecules, making them easier for the baby to absorb. Other types of oils may easily block the baby's skin pores, so they are not as suitable.

Cold-pressed baby massage oil

In other words, physically press-extracted. This method can effectively preserve the nutrient composition in oil and prevent the danger of spoilage during high-temperature extraction processes.

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