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Why Do We Use the Facial Cleanser to Clean Face?

We all know that the first step when caring for the skin is to use cleansing products to clean the skin. Facial cleansers are widespread skincare products in our daily lives, so why use facial cleansers? Here is the basic usage of facial cleanser.

Ⅰ. Why should we use a facial cleanser to wash face?

After the skin undergoes metabolism, the secretion of sweat and oil and the exfoliation of aging keratin are produced by the metabolism. In addition, mites, dust and other unclean objects on the sheets and pillows that go to bed at night may be contaminated on the face. Degraded sebum on the human face cannot be washed off with water or warm water and can only be cleaned with a facial cleanser. If you don't use a facial cleanser, the dirt on your face will enlarge your pores and cause blackheads. Wash your face carefully with a facial cleanser. The foam of the facial cleanser will allow blackheads to emerge and be washed away, shrink pores, and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

The facial cleanser will give the skin rich moisture while thoroughly cleansing, make the skin comfortable, and restore the skin's fresh and tender feeling. If you can insist on washing your face with clean and pure water with the same body temperature, you will be more than 10 years anti-aging than your peers, because the water we currently use has a lot of toxins, and the most important thing is that the current cleansing products are very harmful to the skin.

Ⅱ. The use of the facial cleanser

Take a amount of water on the face to make it moist. Take an adequate amount of facial cleanser (usually 3 to 5 cm) on the palm, add water and knead until foamy. Apply to the face and massage for one minute, then rinse off with water.

When using, first wet the face. After moisturizing the face, squeeze an appropriate amount of cleansing milk on the forehead, nose, cheeks, gently knead it, and follow the circular pattern from bottom to top from the inside to the outside. Massage your face for a few minutes, and pay attention to cleaning the T-zone and U-zone where dirt is easy to hide, then rub it with water, gently massage for half a minute, and then wash it off.

Cleansing and skin care products have many benefits for the skin, but they must be used in moderation. For example, you don't have to use a facial cleanser every time you wash your face. If you have normal skin or oily skin, use a facial cleanser when washing your face in the morning and evening so that you can clean the dirt and oil on your face. But if you have dry skin and sensitive skin, you must be careful. Excessive use of facial cleansers can easily lead to over-cleaning. People with dry skin often lack water and do not secrete too much oil at night. Do not use the facial cleanser in the morning to minimize the damage to the skin caused by the chemical components in the facial cleanser. Sensitive skin should also use facial cleanser sparingly in the morning. Otherwise, it is prone to overcleaning.

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